Dental Cone Beam CT Scans or “3D X-Ray”

Dental cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) allows us to capture imaging data in 3D, which is why this diagnostic procedure is sometimes referred to as “3D X-rays.” The major advantage of CBCT scan technology is the level of detail that can be achieved; CBCT scans can collect high-resolution images of features often missed with traditional X-rays.

At BiemCare, we use dental cone beam CT scans for patients undergoing certain procedures. Read on to learn more about this incredible piece of diagnostic technology.

Dental cone beam CT scans are used in a variety of diagnostic procedures, including:

  • Dental implants. CBCT scans allow surgeons to assess and plan dental implant procedures. By analyzing CBCT scans, doctors can gauge the morphology (shape) and bone volume of implant recipient sites. This type of data is especially useful when planning procedures such as “sinus lifts” prior to dental implant surgery.
    In addition to CBCT scans, panoramic radiographs may be ordered (especially if molar and/or premolar implants are being planned for a mandibular area). Panoramic radiographs allow our team to determine the best implant length at these sites.
  • Orthodontics. CBCT are especially useful when planning orthodontic procedures as these scans create highly realistic images of a patient’s dentition and occlusion (how the teeth are oriented and come together). 
  • Endodontics. One of the greatest advantages of using CBCT in endodontics is that the scans can show anatomical features that are not typically visible in standard panoramic or intraoral scans. This can be useful in bone grafting, PRP, and alveoloplasty procedures.

Millions of dental cone beam CT scans have been conducted over the last several decades and are widely regarded as safe. In fact, the amount of radiation patients can expect to receive from these scans is around 18 – 200 µSv (microsieverts), which is slightly more than the occasional traveler would receive from a cross-country flight.

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