Denture Preparation

Before you can show off your brand-new smile, a few steps may be required to prepare for your complete or partial dentures. Denture preparation can include tooth extractions, alveoloplasty, and tori removal. These steps are essential to the preservation of your oral health, comfort, and overall experience of wearing dentures.

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PROCEDURE TIME: 30 minutes


Depending on your personal treatment plan, some teeth may need to be extracted prior to the placement of full dentures. You may receive dentures immediately after the extraction procedure or following a pre-determined length of time in order to accommodate the healing process. 

There are some benefits to having dentures placed immediately following extraction. For one, dentures can serve as a type of bandage, helping the gums to heal. If you’ve had a lifetime of periodontal complications, immediate dentures can also help preserve more bone material. 

With modern anesthesia practices, tooth extractions are virtually painless. 

When there are no longer roots in a tooth socket, the edges around the socket can become jagged, sharp, or uneven. These can cause issues when it comes time to be fitted with a bridge, denture, or implant. Alveoloplasty is a surgical procedure where the ridges of the jawbone are re-contoured and modified. Alveoloplasties are typically performed following tooth loss or extraction. Having an alveoloplasty performed ensures that the dentures fit more comfortably, while also helping to regulate bleeding and improve healing following multiple tooth extractions.

Tori are small, benign growths of bone material that usually appear on the roof of the mouth (palate) or along the lower jaw (mandible). Since it is essentially a harmless bony growth, a torus is usually only removed if it brings discomfort to the patient, or to prepare for a dental prosthetic device such as dentures or implants. 

There are several reasons why tori are removed prior to dentures. For one, it can be difficult to fabricate dentures to accommodate tori. Secondly, when pressure from dentures is consistently applied to the mucosal surface, it can lead to inflammation, plaque build-up, discomfort, and — potentially — disease that could complicate your treatment. Infected tori can also lead to oral fibromas, non-cancerous tumors that — while not a threat to your health — can lead to annoyance and irritation.

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